Finnegans Wake – Bloomsday 2021

On Bloomsday 2021 – Wednesday, June 16 – I will be organizing a live reading of James Joyce's novel Finnegans Wake in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, likely starting somewhere around 3 PM Eastern. Precise details are TBD, but my basic plan is to distribute 17 readers throughout a walkable space, each reading out one chapter of the novel so that people can wander around and pick up bits and pieces of the work.

No pressure to read through or listen through the whole novel; no prior expertise needed; no expectation of a perfect reading. This is just for the fun of the text and the enjoyment of what will hopefully be a nice day. For those interested, I can meet virtually or in-person in advance to practice some reading (it's a tricky one!).

If you are interested in taking part in reading from Finnegans Wake in New York City on Bloomsday, please fill out the following short form and I will follow-up with you soon:

Header image: Tristan und Isolde by Ferdinand Leeke